An immersive sound, light, embodiment performance, Limbs reflects on the emotions of loss of loved ones and perspectives. The artist is suspended at the center of a minimalist tetrahedral cage with five additional limbs and two additional faces. Enclosed in a reflective suit that erases the distinction between the real and the prosthetic, she creates a spare, orchestral composition using herself as a marionette whose limbs are attached to sound-generating strings. With the removal of each limb, the composition is diminished until nothing remains. Gressman’s work dissects the abstractions of intersectional identities using performative auto-vivisections, spectacle, and sonicity.

This is a sound and light interactive performance for the MFA Thesis show at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago class of 2012. It was a part of IMPACT Performance Exhibition done in Columbus 012 Building. This is a condensed version that shows 3 minutes of the highlights of that performance.

Suspended on top of a speaker filled with glitter, the artist paints their face with sound, white acrylic, and glitter. The light also projects the movement of sound dancing with glitter onto the wall behind the performer. The audience completes an electronic circuit between their hand holding to power the speaker.

Booga Boooga surgery noise band in Miami, Florida at the Miami Beach Art Convention Center.

This is rough cut of the video performance of Full Frontal Biopsy. Boogita is both the surgeon and patient, artist and audience. She explores the relationship of the inner grotesque self as a chaotic gender in horrified splendor. It is a biofeedback noise composition, where the amplified feminine  is embracing the eroticism of the queer body. Production design and video by Mikey McParlane.

Erica Gressman performs "Wall of Skin" at the Latina/Latino Studies Symposium "Being Brown Being Brown: Performances of Spic & Span" at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on April 7, 2016.

This piece was taken place in the Hyde Park Art Center on October 30, 2010 during an event called Mischief Night. This piece was a reaction to Proposition 8 banning gay marriage in California in 2008. 

Performed live at Earthly Delights Halloween Show November 1, 2013 at Open Circuit, Chicago, IL.